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PTK-SF Guadalajara MX Seminar April 2014

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29th April

In April 2014 Guro Mike of PTK-SF taught a seminar in Guadalajara Mexico. Guadalajara is the second largest city in Mexico. The section of town we were in is filled with a plethora of open air restaurants, bars and night clubs. The region of Jalisco is famous for being the home of Tequila and Mariachi Music. We sampled both. The town of Tequila is a mere 20 minute drive from the city. Guadalajara is also a 3 hour drive from Puerto Vallarta, one of Mexico’s most popular beach destinations.

The seminar covered as many PTK fundamentals of footwork, striking mechanics, single stick, empty hands, and knife as we could in two days. The objective to give the attendees enough material to start training. It’s always a tricky balance of whether to go wide … Read More »

PTK-SMF Instructor’s Seminar April 2014 Dallas

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22nd April

April 11-13th was the PTK-SMF Dallas Instructor’s Training Camp in ‘The Big D’. It was great to get together in Dallas with the rest of the crew, train, eat BBQ, hang out, meet more of the guys and introduce a couple new guys to the PTKGO nexus, of Dallas Texas.

The thing that I really enjoy about this system is there is always another level.. always more to learn.. not necessarily ‘more techniques’, although there is that, but more importantly, more ways to apply the techniques we already know.

For example a number one strike (a forehand downward diagonal) can be used ala Tirsia Largo to hit the hand, or via Tirsia Corto to drill toward the center line, Or in a Contrada application, Or in Contra Tirsia application, or in a Recontra application,… etc – all depending on … Read More »

PTKGO Instructor’s Training in Dallas March 2013

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5th May

Just got back from an amazing three day training camp instructed by Pekiti Tirsia Tuhon Tim Waid in Dallas. The purpose of these advanced seminars is twofold. First, it’s a great opportunity for instructors and advanced students to get together and train with guys from all over the country. Second, to learn the next layer of the system of Pekiti Tirsia. Mission accomplished on both accounts.

I just want to say even with family issues weighing on me I thoroughly enjoyed this seminar. My students are progressing. I need some next level stuff to stay a step ahead..! or soon they will be teaching me! I don’t hold anything back when I teach. My higher level students know most of my game. I train all my guys who train regularly how to … Read More »

Tim Waid San Francisco Seminar 1-12-2013

25th January

We had Tim Waid here for another excellent seminar this last weekend Jan 12/13 2013.

Attendance was good and there were a lot of new faces. This was an intermediate/advanced seminar. The material being covered builds upon a foundation some people didn’t have yet – which is fine because they get a great preview of what’s to come in the system. Some people do very well ‘drinking form the fire hose’. Everyone got something out of it. The guys with other FMA experience got to see a little of what PTK is all about from one of the best.

Tim took the time to give a broad overview of the system of Pekiti Tirsia as well as going into some detail with some of the methods. He also explained the theory behind … Read More »

2012 Year In Review

10th January

2012 was another big year for PTK-SF. Some of the things that happened were:

Larry Hosted Dino in San Jose in February
Larry, Alan and Ferd attended Tim’s Advanced Boracay Training Camp in February
Larry hosted Tim Waid in April
Beale Air Force Base CQC Training with Tim Waid in April for the 9th Security Forces Squadron
Larry hosted Dustin Denson for a seminar on Ocean Beach
Did our first PTK-SF public demo at San Francisco’s Pistahan festival (we recruited Dustin for that as well since he was here..)
Nate went to Tim’s Boracay camp later in the year
PTK-SF Head Instructor Mike Shimer was promoted to Lakan Guro by Tuhon Tim in Dallas

Our groups continue to grow and develop in the East Bay led by PTK-SF’s Larry and in the Peninsula led by PTK-SF’s Ferd and me (Mike) in San Francisco. Skill are improving and … Read More »

Pistahan Festival Demo 2012

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10th October

In August of 2012 PTK-SF was given the opportunity to perform a demonstration of Pekiti Tirsia Kali at San Francisco’s Pistahan Filipino cultural festival.

The Pistahan Festival is the nation’s largest Filipino festival. It is held every year in Yerba Buena Gardens in downtown San Francisco. It was an honor and we hope to come back next year.

This was Pekiti Tirsia San Francisco’s first public demo.

You can find photos of the event here

Here are some video clips:

With the blade:

With Single Baston:

What you will notice in the videos are the application of Tirsia Largo, Tirsia Corto, Florette, Contradas, Seguidas and lots of footwork. This is technical sparring. This is main training method of the Doce Methodos. Once you learn the methods and progress through the drills, and combine them, you get something like this.

Tirsia Largo in nut shell, … Read More »

2012 Pekiti Tirsia Kali Instructor Training with Tim Waid (Dallas)

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29th June

June 23/24 Dallas Texas. Hot. 90 something degrees no A/C.

Invite only instructor’s training with Tuhon Tim Waid.

After flight delays I and a student rolled in around 2:00am, set the alarm for 6:30am and went to sleep…
Alarm rings, hit Micky D’s for breakfast. Roll into PTK-GO headquarters at the Tiger’s Den at 8:00 am.

The Tiger’s Den Gym is a multi-function facility that looks like it used to be a warehouse. It’s BIG.
There are a few different martial arts groups who train there and a Crossfit affiliate as well.

This wasn’t an instructional seminar per se, even though Tim taught a lot of advanced attacking tactics. It was more of a training seminar to get people working together and mixing it up. Techniques were taught but the emphasis was on attribute development. … Read More »

Tim Waid Week 2012

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28th May

In April of 2012 PTK-SF attended a CQC training session at Beale Air Force Base in northern California. Tuhon Tim Waid blended elements of the PTK Military CQC System and the Law Enforcement ‘Safety Baton and Edged Weapon Awareness’ courses to match the attendees career fields.

A contingent of Northern California PTK practitioners was also invited on base to attend this special training. Members from groups in San Francisco, Tracy, Silicon Valley, Larry’s groups from Berkeley, Oakland and Sacramento.

For me the training was very interesting due to the Military/LEO approach. The vocabulary and teaching approach is quite different than what one would see in a non military or non LEO class. For example in everyday civilian life one might not require as much skill in firearm retention. A civilian might not have to worry about … Read More »

Tim Waid Bay Area PTK Seminar April 21-22, 2012

6th April


It’s that time again.. Tuhon Tim Waid fresh off the plane from his Philippines camp will be in the Bay Area for a seminar. Tuhon Tim will also be conducting 2 private seminars during the week for a Military and Police client in the area.

Not sure what Tim wants to cover this time but the material will be presented so that there is something for all levels – from absolute beginner to guys with several years experience. With several new groups popping up – mainly Oakland/Berkeley and Sacramento PTK is gaining steam in the Bay Area. Thanks to PTK-SF’s Larry Brown for taking the initiative to build these groups as well as organizing the seminars with Tim in April.

The new groups are learning fast and eager to learn PTK as a … Read More »

Guro Dino Martinez Pekiti Tirsia Seminar 2012

11th March

In February 2012 PTK SF/Oakland’s Larry Brown organized a seminar with Guro Dino Martinez of PTK Florida.

Last year Dino went in depth into the abecedario system as well as some advanced footwork methods.

This year Dino went into the method of Pekiti-Pekiti (‘very’ close range – trapping/clinch range) as well as a meaty section on basic footwork, striking and blending the two. The material was presented so there was something for students of all levels.

The footwork section dealt mainly with broken footwork – the seemingly innocuous ‘boring’ movement we practice at the beginning of class.. because our teacher tells us to.. Turns out broken footwork is the most important footwork as it is the most fundamental footwork. Before you can step and move you have to be able to lift your leg and switch from right to … Read More »

2011 Year in Review

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18th January

2011 was a big year for PTK-SF:

- Trained with Grand Tuhon in Long Beach (Hosted by Meynard PTK SoCal)
- Hosted Tuhon Tim for a doble daga seminar in SF
- Hosted Tuhon Philip Gelinas in SF
- Trained with Guro Dino in the south bay (hosted by Cris PTK-SV)
- Trained with Tuhon Mel (hosted by Cris PTK-SV)
- Mike, Larry, Reggie and Freddie fought at Dog Brothers
- New authorized instructors: Ferd, Reggie and Larry
- Completed the PTK-CQC Instructor’s Certification in Dallas with Tuhon Tim
- Hosted Grand Tuhon Gaje in SF
- Trained with Grand Tuhon Gaje in Montreal BC at Tuhon Loki’s
- Added two new groups to the PTK-SF family: PTK Oakland (Larry) and PTK Peninsula (Ferd) with more to come in 2012!.. Special Thanks to Larry for his initiative and leadership. Special thanks to Ferd for starting PTK Peninsula.


p.s. new … Read More »

Bay Area Pekiti Tirsia Kali Seminar with Tim Waid May 15-16 2010

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8th July

The Tim Waid Pekiti Tirsia Kali seminar this weekend (May 15/16 2010) in Berkeley was a resounding success.

Students from San Francisco, San Jose, Berkeley and as far as Seattle WA were in attendance. There were also representatives from several Bay Area Law Enforcement Agencies.

This is the 2nd time PTKSF has hosted Tim Waid at the Ralph Gracie Jiu jitsu Academy. in Berkeley. Last June we had 9 people, this there were around 30. We are already almost at capacity for this seminar location. I’m pretty happy with that
kind of growth. People are starting to find out about us.

Again, I’d like to extend a very special thanks to Ralph Gracie, Big Dave, Pete, and Eduardo for use of their excellent gym –
Ralph Gracie Berkeley Academy.

At this seminar Tim refined some of the PTK foundation skills aspects … Read More »

Pekiti Tirisia Kali Guro Dino Martinez Seminar April 2011

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5th April

This weekend Cris of PTK SV hosted Florida PTK Guro Dino Martinez. Dino covered a very succinct definition and breakdown of what the system of PTK is. What is a system? How is that different from a style? How does everything derive from the 3 principle beliefs of PTK: Life, Health and Success.

The seminar was a great success. My students had a great time and learned a lot as did I. Tactically the most important aspect for me personally was the footwork portion. A couple years ago Tim (Waid) told me that the broken footwork links all the other footwork together. Ok .. I took his word for it but it was still a little conceptual to me. I didn’t understand the real application of this fact until this weekend. … Read More »

2010 year in review

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1st January

2010 was a great year in the development of Pekiti Tirsia Kali in the Bay Area.

2010 Wrap up:

Attended Training Camp in the Philippines in February
Hosted Grand Tuhon for an awesome seminar
Hosted Mandala Tim Waid
Went to Tuhon’s seminar in Dallas
Cris (PTK-SV) hosted Tim Waid and Dino Martinez and Mandala Rommel Tortal

Looking forward to 2011:

Dog Brothers in September
Possible BIG demo in June
Kali ‘back to basics’ boot camp invite only training
More seminars with the best instructors in the world
Harder training for all PTK-SF

This year will be a big year for PTK SF. The guys are training hard. I expect explosive growth in skill this year to be accomplished through hard work and direct access to the best instruction available anywhere.

Here we go…

Shoulder Flexibility for Kali

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16th September

In PTK we do a lot of repetitions of basic strikes. For example the five attacks consist of downward diagonals from the right, and left and upward diagonals from the right and left and a finishing thrust. One of the key points of five attacks is that where one strike ends another begins (the idea of ‘chambering’ or ‘loading’ positions). Then ending position of the number one strike (slash) is the chamber for the number two strike. The ending position of a number two strike is the chamber for the number three strike.. and so on.

Shoulder flexibility limitations can impede proper chambering making you start your strike start from a compromised position. The end result is s strike that is lacking in speed, power or protective range of motion. For example when … Read More »


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